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Big Seller’s Market–Reduced Fees a NO BRAINER


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Big Seller’s Market–Reduced Fees a NO BRAINER

Since late March 2020 and the break out of the COVID 19 pandemic, we have been experiencing an unprecedented home Seller’s market.  Why? Primarily two reasons:

  1. Historic “all time low” home loan interest rates.  With these interest rates, buyers can afford a lot more (higher price home) home.   With so many buyers in the market place wishing to capitalize on this once in a life time opportunity, it is a HUGE seller’s market. 


  1.  With sheltering in place and working remotely, COVID 19 pandemic has also created more utility for homes. Many home buyers are seeking more square footage to work remotely and perhaps have a larger backyard for more outdoor time.  


End Result is exceptionally strong demand for homes. Many home sellers have multiple offers within a few days on the market.  Question: Why would any seller want to pay a traditional commission agent when homes are flying off the shelves? Let me be clear, any real estate market is a great time to use Bay Select Realty with our Full Service Reduced Commission. However, now it is even more self-apparent! Protect the equity of your home.  As an informed consumer you deserve to do so.  Keep your money!  DO NOT unnecessarily give away a VERY LARGE SUM of money to a traditional commission agent.